Great Thinking, Superb Execution

Knowledge. Solutions. Results. Relationships.

We invest in creating knowledge, solutions and results based relationships. As a result, brands have worked with Torque over extended periods of time, some over a decade.


Consulting The World’s Largest Brands

Over these years, we have consulted over 400 of the world’s best firms for extended period of time. These include some of the world’s largest brands.

Torque of Town

Torque Communications has over 15 years of consulting in communications management across domains and sectors.


Enabling Global Outreach

Torque works directly in over 24 countries, including across South Asia and South East Asia. We partner global brands in their markets.

Torque Communications

Media. New Media. Social Media.

At the crux of what we do is our outreach, engagement and delivery across all formats of new and conventional media. News has become about multipliers.

Torque Communications

State of The Media Report

The Torque State of The Media Report is an annual benchmark of what is changing in the Indian media eco-systems. Did you know farmers trust whatsapp the most?

Who We Are

As India’s foremost agency known for excellence in delivering communications solutions across the spectrum, domains and situations, we are known for strategic acumen, commitment, results and trust.

What We Do

We deliver communication solutions across policy advocacy, consumer behavior, perception management, brand building, social impact, crisis management, and reputation

Contact Us

We are based in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.
If you want to know more about us, write to
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