Torque Opinion

Torque Opinion maps communication paradigms across audiences. We undertake on-ground and on-line research with both primary and secondary data gathering. From mapping out media consumption to surveys on reputation and research on industry, Torque Opinion deploys tools, processes and formats that provide breakthrough in the appreciation of the market, media consumption, reputation, perception and newspaper reportage.

Media Research
Through our comprehensive media outreach, we query journalists about how they perceive you as a company, brand or product. With a database of over 1600 journalists across 33 towns and cities, we get you the best snapshot of how Indian media reads and writes about you.

Consumer Research
Whether its developing new products and services, refining existing ones, or building new marketing campaigns, we help you understand consumer behavior and consumption pattern

Employee Research
To enhance your manpower utilization, we undertake comprehensive employee research involving multiple tools to understand the approach, opinion and feeling of your employees.

Rural Research
We undertake in-depth survey on perceptions and attitudes covering media consumptions, interplay of economics, power structures and their influence in shaping perceptions to enhance your communication objectives.

Corporate Research
How do people perceive your company, brand and/or product? Our exhaustive research focuses on providing you with how you are perceived. The research will help you to plan your communication to change perception.