Torque-MediaIndia’s largest consumer population resides beyond the glittering metropolises that most marketers communicate in. Torque2Media enables a media outreach program for brands looking to expand their editorial footprint beyond India’s metros to reach their customers in the hinterland.

Torque’s media outreach program devises customized media communication strategies that work in regional markets and reaches out to media in over 125 towns and cities across the country.

‘Torque2Media’ team connects with media in these regional markets to brief them and provide the appropriate communication material to ensure desired outcomes. These results are then analyzed on critical parameters to conclude the extent of media traction achieved.

Torque Smart

Torque Smart enables companies and brands to effectively work in the editorial space. Brands in editorial space are represented through people who are co-creators of the brand or the company.

The creation of the “Story”, however, is an exercise that requires an appreciation of what the story is and how to tell it. Torque Smart enables the “Story Tellers” of the Company and the Brand to tell the story that needs telling.

The Torque Spokesperson media appreciation and engagement program is a toolkit for becoming a better “story teller” for the company, a meaningful “Spokesperson” for the media and an interesting person to read or listen to for their stakeholders.

State Of The Media Report

The Torque State of The Media Report is an annual benchmark of what is changing in the Indian media eco-systems. Did you know farmers trust whatsapp the most?