Thought Leaders

Building The Education NarrativeThe concept of integrated education was conceived by Deeksha’s founders to enables students to excel in their Class XII and competitive exams without spending all their time running between coaching classes. The founders identified the poor quality of schooling and teaching at the +2 level as the issue they would like to correct.

Education Tools

Building The Education NarrativeEdutech is coming to play a large role in transforming teaching. As students get more device oriented and their attention spans narrows and ability to grasp virtual content expands, edutech tools are making a difference. Over the years, we have helped education institutions get their story on edutech out.

Being a part of student lives

Building The Education NarrativeBeing a part of students’ lives to shape their thinking is an activity that extends beyond school hours. Given that the community exerts its own pressure of expectations, often the outreach through media was about educating parents and the people who influence students.

The Hero Students

Building The Education Narrative

Teaching the basics

Building The Education NarrativeProviding Minimum level of Education to weak students from Standard 1 to Standard 7.

Providing Maths and Science and Maths Education to 6th to 8th standard students.

Providing English, Computer and Life skill knowledge.

Vocational Training for School Dropouts.

Personality development camps during the vacations for developing essential soft skills in the students
Providing training and support to teachers of other NGOs.

Back to basics

Building The Education NarrativeTorque has been a part of efforts at promoting reading, better equipped anganwadis and the need for political support for education initiatives. Working with Vedanta’s Nandghar project and Dharma Life’s “Lighting Up Young Minds” Project, we have engaged the Prime Minister’s Office, the ministry of education and state governments.