Gripen WarriorOver the next decade, India will spend $100 billion purchasing defence capability for the next three decades. These purchases are more than just hardware acquisition. They are about rebuilding capability as well as a defence industrial base.

Over the next decade, India will be buying fighter aircraft that will become its mainstay, replenishing its artillery and taking a quantum jump into network centred warfare. The world’s leading defence firms today have made India their home market even as the Government of India has committed itself to procuring arms in a manner that it delivers a sustainable base for India to develop the next generation of weapons and weapon systems.

At the same time, the Defence domain in India operates very differently from anywhere else in the world. India’s professional armies operate with the highest levels of probity even as the government works hard to ensure that deals take place based on needs and merit.Defence
However, this also means that there is a large role played by public opinion, defence experts, analysts and media in constantly scrutinizing and assessing the merits of acquisition.

Since its inception, Torque has worked closely with defence firms in establishing their credentials, managing challenges in projection and counseling them on an appropriate engagement of audiences.

DefenceFrom a firm that successfully turned around the image of India’s most controversial defence brand to one that partners the most respected names in defence, Torque communications is valued by its partners for its counsel, strategic approach, keen situational awareness and its adoption of mainstream marketing and brand communications to building defence brands.