Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

The Task:

Build & maintain a positive profile of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

To position Fortis Escorts Heart Institute as a premier healthcare institution, driven by quality and ‘patient-centricity’

Showcase Path-breaking Cases

Health-ShowcaseTorque worked with senior doctors at Fortis Escorts to understand case histories of patients, researched & developed storylines which the media could assimilate.

This resulted in large spreads in leading publications highlighting the path-breaking/ unique surgeries at Escorts.

Highlighting Doctor Profiles

Doctor-ProfilesTorque team worked closely with Fortis Escorts to identify key doctors, understand their area of specialization, experience, case histories, likes and dislikes and profile them in media.

The solution to this puzzle was to find synergies between profiles & existing media opportunities.

Promote Innovation

Promote-InnovationStories on innovative techniques be it the techniques of minimally invasive or robotic surgery were highlighted to showcase global best practices followed at Escorts.

Trend Features

Trend FeaturesCreating awareness about issues of health, therapies, medicines, trends, procedures, lifestyle and what Fortis Escorts experts have to say…     … a prominent voice in healthcare discourse in the country.

Showcase Unique Cases

uniqueCasesHuman interest stories such as the ‘needle case surgery’  were leveraged in national and regional media to strengthen customer belief in Escorts….            ……truly ‘magic happens here……’


FacilityStories on state-of-the-art equipments, facilities and services available at Fortis Escorts to highlight the highest level of quality and safety procedures maintained at Escorts.

Leverage Milestones

MilestoneFortis Escorts has always been the hallmark of medical quality and expertise in cardiac care. The awards and  accreditations are testimony to this fact and reaffirmed Fortis Escorts ability to deliver world-class integrated healthcare services to its patients.

CSR program

CSRThe compassionate side of the institution was established through media stories on free treatments/ check-up camps…the idea was to highlight the CSR agenda of the institution of giving back to the society

While some of these were initiatives undertaken by Fortis Escorts, others were conceptualized and executed by Torque.

Beyond Delhi…

Beyond-DelhiStories in the regional media in key catchment areas on doctors, surgeries, camps, facilities, public- interest awareness issues and cardiac treatment/ care.

Working with Doctors


Snapshots From Healthcare Practice


Communicating Roche therapies has been a sterling communication exercise combining awareness about diseases and their treatment.


Oncologists, Gastroenterologists and specialists write and comment on diseases and available therapies.

Street awareness exercises


Transition-PhotocromaticWhy wear photochromatic?

UV rays are not a large concern in India.

But driving a health platform on what is seen to be style choice means bringing together a medley of people to promote healthy sight.


DyslexiaDyslexia is a challenge both of awareness and for education of children with near genius IQ but with the dyslexic handicap.

Torque sought the help of Abhishek Bachchan as ambassador by choice (and without any commercial benefit) to reach out the message of specialized education for dyslexia.

KOL Development

Roche identifies 10 leading doctors in oncology and gastro-enterology.


Undertakes media skilling and media appreciation programme. Compiles contributory pieces and story pitches.

Directly interfaces with the doctors.

Manages relationships and expectations of doctors directly.

Establishes a broader relationship of comfort.

Speaker training programme

The prepares doctors on the nuances of speaking to Media and enable them to deliver key messages.

Media skill training programme

The prepares doctors on effective handling of the media and manage expectations in dealing with Media.


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