Life @ Torque

Life at Torque is a homogenous balance of work and fun at workplace. It is about midnight parties, fun at serene beaches, adventure in the midst of coffee plantations, treks, fashion parties and also being a part of some of the world’s largest companies. People join Torque for various reasons. Some want to work with the fortune 500 companies, while others are enticed by the opportunity to make a real difference be a part of a self-motivated, pioneering, creative and fun loving team.

Torque is committed to prepare you for your new role and accelerate your assimilation into the organization by increasing your awareness on the overview of the organization, its goals and processes, business, people, and culture.

Life at Torque is such that it prepares each one of you to be a part of the change process in the organisation and contribute in your own way to this growing young organisation.