Half a million women and children die each year from inhaling smoke in their kitchen. The hand that feeds is choked by the hands that cook. Getting people together at different levels of government, civil society and opinion makers will be needed to make people deal with the smoke in the kitchen as a real and immediate threat. Torque works closely with global foundations and state and district administration to give the wherewithal to reach out and change the way people breath.
On the other hand, hardworking policemen in Mumbai need to care about their health. The elderly in an Old Age home are delighted when Japanese ladies come to sing for them.

Japanese students leave Indian children spellbound with a performance of traditional Japanese drum. In different places across the country, Japanese women have been learning about Indian food, jewelry, festivals and yoga.Eye check up camps keep children living in slums clear visioned. People run for marathons to support a healthier way of life.
Taking heart check ups outside the big metros involves getting involved with people’s concerns at community and personal levels. All of them add up to be compelling human stories.

And in each such story, Torque conceives and creates opportunities that brings people together to learn, share and hold conversations. Communication is essentially about building communities of engaged people. And Torque goes the length in helping create sustainable formats of engagement.