Our Public Affairs & Public Policy Practice

Public Affairs & Policy Advocacy Torque works at the highest levels of corporate and government leadership to build relationships, prompt change and share information.

The agency is involved in global climate change projects, work permit policy changes, mass rapid transportation, electric vehicles, defence acquisition programs, e-commerce policy, issues on tobacco harm reduction and cessation, education, skill development and more.

Policy Advocacy

Policy-Advocacy The consultancy has taken the lead in setting the stage for debates on Energy security, gas pipeline policy, shipping policy and Climate Change.

Similar advocacy has been exercised across a spectrum of issues – ranging from farm loans to defence policy, GST and public health policies.

Shaping Industry-Community Engagement

community-engagementTorque works closely with companies to build community relationships.

For example, the India Japan Initiative, a Kirloskar Foundation, was run by the firm and brought together Japanese and Indian companies to help build business between India and Japan.

Towards Rational Food Policy

Towards Rational Food PolicyThe Western Fast Food sector is bedevilled with issues ranging from challenges on food quality to use of antibiotics, the challenge of being seen as junk food and legislative and executive actions.

Torque has worked closely with McDonald’s to drive an alternative thesis based on the premise of consumption, quality of food and best practices, thereby ring fencing much of WFF from aggressive legislative action.

The Defence Portfolio

DefenceFrom bringing Bofors back as a serious contender to engaging the case for ST Kinetics, the complex defence sector is a forte of the firm.

Over the years, we have built knowledge, intelligence, relationships and analytical tools in building communication for defence firms.

Using brand building tools, in a little over 18 months, Torque jump started Saab’s Gripen campaign in India, taking it from a virtually unknown contender to being seen as the most effective contender.

Along the line, Torque created communication tools and platforms that are today being used by Saab across the world.

The Arms of Government

ArmsOften direct engagement with the arms of government delivers better results. This involves getting government bodies to make the time and agree to spending time understanding and engaging issues.

From policemen to government doctors and anganwadi workers, Torque has engaged and communicated advocacy platforms with the men of government who execute on the ground.

Bringing Stakeholders Together

stakeholdersThe firm brings together stakeholders from industry, government, peers, institutions, think tanks, academia and business associations to promote business and social platforms.

From engaging WEF and The Economist Summit to working with global and Indian think tanks, we make a difference to the public-private engagement requirements of companies.

Representing Governments

governmentThe agency team has a relationship with the people of Nepal that goes back to the first days after the hijacking of IC-814.  We have worked closely with the erstwhile government of Nepal to normalize relations with India at a people to people level.

Agency’s clients in government have included the Swedish and Norwegian governments as well as advocacy for government firms of Singapore.

Building Advocacy

AdvocacyWe work closely with global think tanks and consumer advocacy bodies on issues of transparency in international governance and to promote rational debate about consumer rights, harm reduction, smoking cessation and saving lives.

Changing Rules That Matter

rules that matterChanging rules which do not have great political urgency is a challenging task. It often involves getting all the concerned ministries on the same page.

Thereafter, a painstaking process of engagement at multiple levels is required given the nature of the government to make a rule change happen. Often, it requires use of innovative tools to create policy framework that speeds up the government process.

Creating Opinion Leaders

Opinion LeaderBuilding opinion leaders is an important part of influencing policy, advocacy and driving good government decisions. Eventually, government operates through consultation and consensus.

Torque runs effective KOL programs across sectors – from health to defence and social impact, combining knowledge with relationships.