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We invest in creating knowledge, solutions and results based relationships. As a result, brands have worked with Torque over extended periods of time, some over a decade.


Consulting The World’s Largest Brands

Over these years, we have consulted over 400 of the world’s best firms for extended period of time. These include some of the world’s largest brands.

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Torque Communications has over 15 years of consulting in communications management across domains and sectors.


Enabling Global Outreach

Torque works directly in over 24 countries, including across South Asia and South East Asia. We partner global brands in their markets.

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Media. New Media. Social Media.

At the crux of what we do is our outreach, engagement and delivery across all formats of new and conventional media. News has become about multipliers.

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State of The Media Report

The Torque State of The Media Report is an annual benchmark of what is changing in the Indian media eco-systems. Did you know farmers trust whatsapp the most?



Tourism in India has grown phenomenally over the last decade. Tourists flock to India for its geographical biodiversity, World Heritage Sites, bio-geographic zones and for spiritual reasons. The government is working to attain1% share in world’s international tourist arrivals by 2020, growing to a 2% share by 2025. Further, the travel and tourism sector’s contribution to India’s GDP is expected to be Rs. 32,05,000 crore (US$ 492.21 billion) by 2028.

India’s holiday spots welcome tourists to its beautiful hills, pilgrimage sites, enchanting beaches, bustling cities, rich wildlife, historical monuments, golden deserts and the captivating rural villages. These holidays bring about a smile, and the best in people. For some, it is a journey they have been waiting to take for a long time amidst the busy schedule; while for some it’s a way to just relax, rejuvenate and create memories. Holidays are the time to pursue passion and engage in diverse activities…skiing, horseback riding, wine tasting, engaging in delectable cuisine, or simply fishing.

Sterling Holidays

Torque Communications has worked with Sterling Holidays (a leading leisure hospitality company in India which pioneered ‘Vacation Ownership’) in building and strengthening their brand as it set out to position itself as an experiential holiday provider, while delivering curated experiences. In one such activity through press interactions (releases, interviews and conferences),Torque was instrumental in getting Sterling a wide and definite media coverage across platforms, as Sterling envisioned and planned to redefine its concept of holidays, increase its room capacity, focus on service quality amidst new business models. The aim was to position Sterling as the No. 1 holiday brand in India and enabling consumers to “Holiday Differently.”Sterling was covered in leading national dailies (financials, mainlines, and regional),travel magazines, journals, and television channels.