Resurgent India is globally associated with being a software powerhouse. And yet, there is a far more compelling story in how India has progressed over the years from an economy that had very low telephone penetration to one where fibre and mobile phones have reached out and changed the lifestyle of a billion people.

From people at the bottom of the pyramid to highly networked corporate offices, a revolution is gathering momentum in IT, IT Enabled Services, Digital and converged platforms. Entertainment too has scaled new levels as the many channels to viewers has resulted in a mind boggling slew of offerings and innovations.

The Torque team has been associated with the pioneers of this revolution from virtually their inception. Torque leaders were there at the birth of India’s telecom revolution and the beginnings of computers finding their way into homes, small businesses, cyber cafes and village chaupals, partnering companies such as Airtel and Dell Computers.

The experience of working closely with sectors that are changing India and driving the change in communication gives Torque a rich mother lode of experience and insight.

As the non-metro India becomes a dominant market in the telecom and IT space, as more and more handset manufacturers, cutting edge technology platforms and new telecom service providers continue to explode new population segments, Torque partners the incredible story of an India that is talking, messaging, browsing, surfing, connecting and networking.

The next big leap that India is gearing up for in IT and ITES: The emergence of the domestic Indian market as the biggest customer for IT and ITES.

Already, companies that had stayed away from India are finding that the first movers have streaked ahead in a market that grows, not by a few thousands in a month, but double digit millions, as is by now the norm for the mobile segment.

As the world truly comes to India, global and Indian firms seek even more Indian opportunities. Torque’s counsel, appreciation, insights and outreach provides a resourceful enabler in the ICE Space.