Over the past decade, the health sector has transformed in India as much as India has been transformed by its growing economy. From being dominated largely by government run medical facilities, the Indian healthcare sector today boasts the best of class private medical facilities, diagnostic centres, specialist institutes and lifestyle based health care and therapeutic chains. The domain is characterized today by new techniques, technologies, practices, specialization, diagnostic formats and new treatment formats.health
The challenge of communication is formidable. Targeted therapies making cancer a combatable disease but the cost of treatment is a barrier even for such a life threatening diseases. Hepatitis C is preventable and curable provided it is caught early enough. But awareness is typically low. Dietary regimes have become essential for people leading high stressed lives. Heart specialists are incorporating robotics in their surgery. Traditional forms of medicine are now getting scientific validation. This rich tapestry of human stories, of survival and success has to be told with a measure of learning, appropriate media and an ability to understand new therapies and techniques.health
Torque Communications has engaged clients in the health care space ranging from firms specializing in creating cancer-busting drugs to those representing traditional Indian medicine, specialist heart institutes and lenses that protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Our health campaigns have reached out the underprivileged as much as it has served the needs of the corporate hospital. Over a period of time, Torque has acquired domain knowledge, relationships and equity among the medical fraternity as well as the media.