Torque CommunicationsTorque Communications is continuously investing in its infrastructure to provide its clients reliable, responsive and adaptable support. These include investments in national databases, centralized data collection, hi-speed communication links, high capacity information storage systems and a collaborative intranet. Service teams can access in real time ideas, concepts and propositions being tabled by media houses, events and promotional companies and high value adding partners.

Torque’s partners provide it the ability to organize multi-location conferences across the country. These have included a simultaneous press conference with one rolling agenda across New Delhi, London, Paris, Ahmedabad and Hazira in Gujarat in which the heads of large global organizations, India’s federal and state ministers addressed audiences across three countries.

Torque partners with agencies that track electronic and print news 24×7 and provides its clients real time alerts on electronic broadcasts and digital dissemination. Torque’s business offices are backed by a media outreach system that covers over 119 towns and cities across all parts of India. The Torque Outreach system enables clients to reach out to over 400 publications across India on a single day.

We invest in people. Torque has invested in building resources who are capable of delivering to the largest of challenges. Combining a very hard working recruitment process with demanding internal systems, on the job training and continuous opportunities to improve their learning on the domain, Torque’s resources stand out for their knowledge, commitment and exceptional focus on results.

Torque-TeamTorque’s partners also provide it the ability to enable clients to organize large conferences in Greenfield areas and open retail spaces. Torque personnel over the years have planned and executed small and large events across diverse platforms in collaboration with some of the best solution providers.